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Critical Document Organization

Often, people feel it's enough just to do the estate planning but once the planning is done, the next, equally important step is to organize the information that others will need to carry out your wishes. The most well thought-out and effective financial and estate plans will have little value if those charged with carrying them out do not know where to find key documents and other critical information.

Some of your records are current and active and will require easy access. Other more permanent documents typically comprise the bulk of what will go into a file cabinet or a home safe since you may need to refer to them for tax or investment purposes throughout the year. Important documentation and items that you do not need on a regular basis and items that are vulnerable to theft, must be stored in a secure setting that does not require on-demand accessibility, usually a safe deposit box. But there are certain, critically important items that should not be kept there. 

We can help you get control of and determine the best way to store the information and documentation that matters most in your life -- we do it as a courtesy for our clients. 
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